College in the City

IMG_8765The love I have for this city was started at a young age, when my father taught me the endless possibilities the city could hold. He was a professor at Wayne State University at the time, and driving down to see the university soon became a highlight of my summers.

I have to admit, attending Wayne State University wasn’t my first choice. I kind of ended up there, but I am glad I did. It gave me a perspective on life, I didn’t know I needed to learn.

Before my freshmen year in high school, my parents took my sisters and me on a trip to New York City. The magic that the city had, spoke to me. I knew in that moment, I really wanted to go to college in the city, ideally, New York University. But, out of state tuition is no joke and I am quite the homebody. Fast forward to 4 years later, I found myself applying to several colleges all over Michigan, and none of them NYU. While I equally fantasized about spending the next four years at the University of Michigan or Michigan State University. But while it was fun picturing those fall Saturdays in the student section, neither school felt like home.

At first, I felt that I had settled when I started attending Wayne State University. But soon the 5 years I spent there certainly changed my life for the better. With the help of Wayne State University, I found out more about myself than I ever knew before. I am entirely grateful for this university.

Ironically, I feel like my desire to go to New York University when I was 14 years old was somehow brought full circle. Having the urge to pursue higher education in the city had always been a goal of mine, and while New York University was a nice fantasy, I still met this goal, at Wayne State University.

Here I changed my major nine different times, and tried my hand at lacrosse and intramural sports. I’m sure my nine major changes attributed to my extra year in college, but nonetheless helped shaped me into who I am today. I, also, made some great friends along the way.

While one could argue I didn’t have a traditional college experience, complete frat parties and football games on Saturdays, I do not agree. Every college experience is different. I wanted to experience city life after spending my entire life in suburbia and while Detroit isn’t as bustling as New York or Chicago, it was the perfect stepping stone for me. I was able to experience a hectic morning commute as a I drove into the city every day and multiple opportunities to try new restaurants and bars. Detroit’s progression is remarkable.

Wayne State University is a great college to attend, especially if you have no idea what you want to study. In my case, I started as Pre-Med and I graduated with a degree in Business. I have circled the university and attending more colleges within the school than anyone. But attending a university with several options was super helpful in the long run.

The most important education I received at Wayne State University was about Detroit, itself. This location gave me more knowledge about the city that I would not have otherwise. Out of all my favorite places to hang out, going “downtown” is always my top suggestion.

Get out there and explore Detroit!

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