The Detroit Riverfront


Have you ever been urban hiking? Seems kind of like an oxymoron, right? But here in Detroit, MI, you can walk right along the Detroit River. Even crazier, Windsor, ON is directly on the other side. Detroit often gets a bad wrap for being “unsafe” and “dangerous”, but in all honesty, it is one of my favorite places in the world.

The Detroit Riverfront is one of them more unique features the city has to offer. You can walk right by the Renaissance Center, Hart Plaza, Cobo Hall, and Joe Louis Arena. But that’s not all, if you walked in the other direction, you will walk pass the beginning of the Dequindre Cut and sand volleyball courts.

Each of these points along the Detroit Riverfront are an attraction within itself. Renaissance Center, or the Ren Cen as it is affectionally referred to here in Detroit, is home the world Headquarters of General Motors. Hart Plaza hosts a multitude of events from music festivals, such as Movement and MOPOP to Ryan Sheckler’s skateboard competition, Hartline’s. Cobo Hall is home to one of the biggest auto shows in the world, after all Detroit is the Motor City and home to the Big 3. Finally, Joe Louis Arena, more historic events have happened here than I have time to account for. Sadly, last Sunday was the last Red Wings home game there, as they are building a new arena.

Moreover, you can even walk past the Detroit Princess, a popular place to host proms, weddings, as well as other events. Although, I have not been on the boat personally, it is definitely on my bucket list.

The last feature, I want to talk about, is Windsor, ON. It sits right on the other side of the river. For me, I feel this feature is the one most Detroit residents take for granted, especially for some of us, it is the only part of Canada that is south of the United States. That’s right, south. Where else can you walk that close to a different country?

In the summer, you will find people fishing in the river, whether from the walk itself, or on their boats in the river, you will see many people partaking in summertime actives from enjoying the view of the river, to spending time with friends and family. With the weather getting warmer in Michigan, I encourage you to just go down and experience the Riverfront, whether just on a Sunday afternoon, or if you plan on attending Riverdays. Regardless, it is a great time.

Come back next Tuesday for another installment!




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