My Love For Detroit

With some of my friends have a fear of the city, it is hard to convince friends to spend an evening in the city. Honestly, It has been one of my growing frustrations. My current mission is to prove to not only my friends but others the magic behind the city of Detroit.

I recently read an article about local Millennials fascination with city life, how they are attracted to the bustle of city life. I can smell the smog, now. But that smog is what home smells like. Think of the convince of walking to the corner pub, or the night club 5 blocks away. Something not achievable in the suburbs, where ironically, most of us spent our childhood.

I am a suburbanite, born in raised in the Metro-Detroit area. There are so many aspects to the city that just strike me as amazing. The museums, the restaurants, the bars, the festivals. I could go on and on.

I felt it was necessary to share why I love Detroit and how I came to love it. First and foremost, I grew up as a Detroit sports fan. Often attending games with my dad. Something about attending Comerica Park in the middle of the city, that was always intriguing to me. Now with the Red Wings and the Pistons just across the street, I am more excited for the future game atmosphere.

My drive to the city is my all time favorite commutes. Even more so, I remember right before Big Sean’s I Decide album dropped, he had a billboard right on outer drive, something truly inspiring. Big Sean is very vocal about his love for Detroit, as it is often mention in his lyrics. That sense of Detroit pride coming from a very public figure is a great tool to draw people back to the city, although it isn’t a ploy as I firmly believe Big Sean’s love for city is real, it’s his home. It’s my home.

When the tigers won the 1984 World Series, many had hoped that it would bring jobs to the city and start the rebound. Unfortunately, it didn’t start until many years later. But, nonetheless, it is still happening. I started college in the Fall of 2011 and recently graduated in 2016, and the growth between those times is something I was lucky enough to witness.

Recently, shops have been opening up on Woodward, a part where they call Merchant Row. It was always a treat to go shopping on the magnificent mile in Chicago. But now with the growth merchant row has seen for example last spring, the Nike store open and this spring, the Under Armour store opened. Hopefully, more stores follow suit.

I soon hope most will find the city inviting and partake in the multitude of festivals, activities, or a night out with friends. For example, I went to the Majestic Cafe for brunch with my little sister. The Majestic Cafe is one of my favorite brunch spots. My favorite part is that it doubles as a music venue at night, and obviously, the food is good too. I found this place when I was regularly playing kickball with my college friends downtown at the fields at Wayne State University. Every time, without fail, I will openly say how much I love their food, especially their peanut butter pancakes.

One of my favorite features of this city is the local coffee shops. To me that is truly a city experience. I only recently started drinking coffee, and even more recently was turned on to one of my favorite brands Detroit Bold. To be fair, I was turned on to this brand as a holiday gift from my employer but it is delicious. I may be biased because I am from Detroit, but it is honestly good coffee. I appreciate that is Detroit coffee, made in Detroit for Detroit. Even more so, when brands make an effort to bring the community together it does wonders for the growth of the city. More examples are the Detroit Vs Everybody clothing company or the Made in Detroit clothing company.

But the city has come a long way since the time of boarded up windows and limited options. It has rebounded in many ways than one. Although the city still has a long way to go, it is still one of my favorite places to attend and hang out. The city is magical place where anything can happen, and the growth and progress Detroit has shown in recent years is astounding and should be celebrated. One thing that you can’t deny is the heart the residents have for the city.

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